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The tiny town of Brookmere was peaceful and out of the way, until the flowers started glowing. The yuyane flower is unique to the area and was discovered to emit a certain kind of radiation that affected the people living there. It simply began with them getting sick, and then suddenly they woke up with what could only be described as magic or superpowers. This brought popularity and scientists to the town for many years, and then they went back to their quiet lives...sort of. Almost a decade later though, it seems Brookmere's fame has been revived. Why is that?

Current Events

It is currently fall in Brookmere! The leaves are changing beautiful colors and pumpkins are plentiful to both carve and drink in a latte.


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So sorry guys but I've been having net issues the past couple days and finally got enough of a stable connection to at least do this. x.x I'm turning the forum offline until we hopefully get it all straightened out cause I don't want to leave people hanging.
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